Trouble Shooting

My Lashes wont stay on.

  1. Your natural lashes must be clean and dry. Remove all make up and natural oils with a face wash, before application. Do not use make up remover that contains oils to clean your lashes.
  2. Use more glue. This takes practice! You must coat the natural lash but be careful not to stick them together, or get lumps of glue. Remove the excess from the wand, before you apply the glue to your natural lashes.
  3. Dont forget to use the sealer, this helps to dry the glue and create a seal.
  4. Fuse the lash sections and your natural lashes together, with the application tool, this is a very important step. Make sure you fuse the outer edges too.
  5. Only re use the lash Sections once, they will get a build up of glue and natural oils and this will stop them from sealing properly.


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